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Top Ten Richest Musicians in Africa and Their Net Worth 2019

Unlike in the past, it is now clear that becoming a musician is a successful career as other top-rated ones. As things stand, Nigeria and South Africa boast of being the two leading home countries to the richest musicians in Africa. True to that statement here is the list of the top ten richest musicians in Africa and their net worth 2019.

In the backdrop on this knowledge, we came up with the list of top ten richest musicians in Africa and their net worth in 2019. The list of richest musicians in Africa is based on richest musicians in Africa Forbes.

1. Akon Read

Akon is Africa’s richest musician and has for many years been featured alongside the world’s most celebrated musicians. He has since recorded not less than 35 million sales and his fame is swirling across Africa and beyond. Apart from the mouthwatering returns than Akon earns through album sales and endorsements, the musician has up to 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs to his name and has earned lots of awards. As the richest musician in Africa, Akon is worth $80 million.






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