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Startimes channels and prices in Ghana

A million Ghanaians who switched from analog to digital are enjoying more channel choices thanks to Startimes. Using StarTimes decoder, viewers will have a greater diversity in terms of what they can watch including better sound and picture quality and can say goodbye to low signal strength and what’s even great is that the bouquet is affordable. Depending on your startimes package you can watch anything from Nollywood movies, international news channel, documentaries, latest music videos and even sports. The following post covers StarTimes channels and prices in Ghana as well as how you can pay for your favorite bouquet.

How to install your StarTimes decoder

The success of your StarTimes decoder will depend on the signal level and strength. Here is a step by step guide on how to install your StarTimes decoder and antennae.

  • First, when opening the box try and avoid misplacing any small accessories.
  • Take the long pole and insert into the antennae hole.
  • Tighten the antennae using the provided screws.






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