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Myths about Travel in Africa (Zainab Fashola) | Breakfast Central | News Central TV

Visiting Africa is a big thing now in the tourism sector. But many who are coming to the continent as tourists may be coming with misconceptions of Africa.

In a bid to help shift this single-story, we’re challenging these negative narratives at News Central. We have travel vlogger, Zainab Fashola, founder of

Regarding the myth about travel in Africa being unsafe for women, you sometimes hear worrying stories in the news. How much of this myth is the result of media sensationalism and how much if it is founded?

For many travel enthusiasts and tourists, one of the main aims in terms of experience tends to be food. However, there are certain widely held beliefs about African food. How would you describe the culinary journey as far as your travel in Africa?

Which African country or city has had the best food and what was your favourite dish?

Eating street food is one of the best parts of travelling Africa – it’s also inexpensive and budget-friendly. However, many travellers remain cautious due to fears of food poisoning, and that’s anywhere we visit in the world. What advice do you have for those who want to enjoy street food but also exercise caution?

Can you share any myths that you may have believed, which have now been debunked through your travel experiences? Can you share the experiences that contributed to dispelling those myths?

During your travels how much interaction did you have with people who were local to those places, and how much awareness did they have of the negative stereotypes of their country or continent as a whole?

What final African travel tips would you give to a cautious travel newbie?

Watch as Zainab answers these questions.


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