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yt 5 Entrepreneurship ecosystems for starting up SMEs in South Africa - Entrepreneurship ecosystems for starting up SME's in South Africa
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Entrepreneurship ecosystems for starting up SME’s in South Africa

Two years back, Seed Academy conducted South Africa’s largest entrepreneurial survey, the Real State of Entrepreneurship in South Africa 2017. The survey canvassed over 1,200 entrepreneurs at any stage of business development to understand the nature of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in key areas such as access to funding, business support and skills development. South Africa needs to significantly scale and improve the efficiency of SME funding especially in light of the fact that most early-stage business funding requirements are below R100k. In addition, further research indicates that while it is critically important to encourage new entrepreneurs, it is equally important to provide support to growing SMEs which only start to meaningfully contribute to job creation when they grow to R2 million or more in turnover. WE are now joined by Vusani Ravele who is an entrepreneur and a judge in The ‘Firstwatch Entrepreneurs Challenge’

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