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African leaders meet in Niger to push the free trade deal

President Cyril Ramaphosa arrived in the Republic of Niger this morning to take part in the 12th Summit of the African Union today.
The summit will mark the launch of the Agreement on the Establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area and will formally launch the operational phase of the African Internal Market.
He is also expected to take part in the African Union Troika High-level meeting of African Mechanism on Western Sahara. The pact is further buoyed as Benin’s agreement means Eritrea is the sole African country not to sign on. The agreement comes after 17 years of tough negotiations and was formalised at the end of April when the agreement had crossed the launch threshold, which required ratification by at least 22 countries.
To discuss this further, we are joined now on the line by SABC’s foreign editor Sophie Mokoena.

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