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DONT do business in AFRICA without knowing THIS // Meeting

Got a new video/interview for you and this time we went all the way up to the rooftop of the famous CcHub (Co-Creation Hub). The CcHub was there from the very beginning. You could call it the center and heart of the rise of the startup ecosystem in Lagos.

In this episode I’m presenting
In the last videos we’ve learned a lot about e-commerce in West Africa and especially in Nigeria. We all know the story of Jumia and their IPO at Wall Street. But what’s the situation like in distribution and logistics.

How did that important part of business develop in the last years? What’s the market size and market potential? What are typical problems? What about data collection and data analyzation?

Fieldinsight is covering exactly these topics with their modern technology. But let’s hear that from Lanre, the CEO and co-founder.

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